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Gong Fu (Kung Fu)

Kung Fu is the martial art from which all modern day martial arts developed.  Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, Aikido, Kenpo (Kempo), to name a few ALL have traceable beginnings in Chinese Martial Arts.  Why not go to the source.

It began as a simple system of exercises to improve a Buddhist monk’s focus during meditation and to aid in self-defense while traveling throughout China, Asia and the rest of the world.

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Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Tai Chi, also known as Taiji or Taijiquan, is one of the most ancient forms of Chinese martial arts. It is known as The Grand Ultimate and is possibly the most widely practiced martial art in the world today due to its profound influence on the natural body.

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If you have children and live in the Salt Lake City area you owe it to yourself to try a complimentary class.  No other martial arts program in Utah will challenge, stimulate, and instill confidence in your child than lessons at Monk Wise.  Youth at Monk Wise enter a fun, friendly environment great for exercising and learning life skills. Instructors become positive role models for children as they develop the discipline and self-control necessary to be successful later in life. Learning kung fu at Monk Wise provides youth with defense against bullying and develops self-confidence. Youth with greater self-confidence have better social skills and do better in school.

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Here at Monk Wise we offer a variety of weapons training from the most ancient to modern firearms. We offer instructive clinics throughout the year and during our weekly classes.  There is a weapon for every style and body-type.

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Welcome to Monk Wise Academy

When anyone selects a martial arts studio they want to be confident they have selected the best possible academy with the best masters and instructors. By choosing Monk Wise Academy you have accomplished just that. Monkwise focuses on traditional Chinese techniques and training methods.  Some of these techniques are even used by the Chinese Military and school systems who are known for blending the classical training and techniques of the Shaolin Temple (made famous by the book American Shaolin), as well as other temple systems and family systems.

Indeed our Curriculum is a balance of many styles in keeping with the heritage of our founding Masters who were trained first hand by some of the most respected of masters in China today.

Our commitment to you at Monk Wise is excellence and balance in all things at an affordable price. We offer the most competitive membership value in Utah, with no weekly or monthly class participation restrictions. We have classes available 6 days a week and offers lessons for Families, Children, and Adults.


Why Choose Monk Wise?


Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy was founded in 2010.  And in just 2 short years we have established ourselves as the premier studio in Salt Lake City, Utah to offer authentic Chinese Martial Arts from masters who have trained first hand with some of the most respected and well known masters in China Today.  WE HAVE STUDENTS WHO COME FROM OUT OF STATE TO TRAIN AT MONK WISE.  We teach a vast array of Chinese Martial Arts Styles.  We have classes for adults and children in either a group or private instruction.  We also cater to organizations and/or groups as well as families.

It’s easiest to say we teach Gong Fu (Kung Fu) and Taiji Quan (Tai Chi) as well as many Weapons Types.

However our curriculum is a balance of both internal and external martial arts.  Common Styles covered at Monk Wise Academy are Shaolin Kung Fu, Chen Tai Chi, Yang Tai Chi, Northern and Southern styles, Dragon, Monkey, Qigong, Wing Chun (Yong Chun) Snake, Tiger, Hung Gar, Drunken, Yang Tai Chi, Leopard, Xingyi, Piguaquan, Praying Mantis, Eagle, Crane, Bagua, as well as individual weapon types.

Students  range from 4 to 87 years of age, with equal mixes of youth, adults, men and women. We offer group and private lessons.  We can also teach custom classes on site at your facility and/or accommodate your group at ours.  We have classes in self defense, fitness, flexibility, stress management, weight management and Qi/Chi or energy development. We have taught professional athletes, blind students, individuals in wheel chairs, overweight, underweight, attention deficient disorders, and developmentally delayed individuals. Each has grown due to their involvement with our programs

We do not require contracts.

Individuals are welcomed to drop in, but setting up an appointment is suggested so that we can take more personal time with you.

You may call 385-743-9473 anytime to request additional information.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day and Be Wise!